Loyalty College Prep


2020-2021 Basketball Schedule

schedule may change daily

last update 3/15/2021

October 2020

Scrimmage Games

9th – 10th  @   Lone Star Showcase   (Drive Nation Irving Tx) 

22nd    @  Drive Nation Irving Tx   LOYALTY  vs TACA at 7pm   

24th     @  Duncanville FieldHouse  LOYALTY vs SPRING CREEK  at 5pm 

Season Opener 2020 – 2021

30-31st  Strength n Motion Showcase , George Gervin Academy in San Antonio Texas

30th –

9am court 3     Loyalty   vs   Uptempo                         

2pm court 3     SnM (Blk)   vs   Loyalty                         

31st – 

9am court 1  Memphis Day   vs   Loyalty                    

12pm court 1   SnM (Red)   vs   Loyalty                         

November 2020

4th    @  East Texas Baptist University  6pm                  

14th @ Lake Christian Academy in Lewisville, TX    

                   Loyalty vs Allegiance Prep  @ 3pm                      

18th  @Duncanville Fieldhouse

                   Loyalty vs Spring Creek  @ 2pm

20th   @Duncanville Fieldhouse

                    Loyalty vs Tribulation @ 6pm

27th-28th  OTR EXPOSURE @ 12512 Walters Road, Houston, TX 77014

27th – Loyalty vs Leadership Prep @ 2.30pm

28th – Loyalty vs RPA Prep  @  10am

December 2020

10th        @ Duncanville FieldHouse     Blue Court 1

                      Loyalty vs Tribulation @ 4pm

14th  Loyalty College Prep Post Grad Christmas Showcase 

Please advise your fans to arrive 1hr early before game start times 

Wear Your MASK and Covid-19 Protocols

 Location @ Duncanville FieldHouse    Blue Court 1 

  2pm  Tribulation vs  Strength n Motion Blk

  4pm   Loyalty vs  Strength n Motion Red

January 2021

11th @ George Garvin Academy in S.A, Tx 

            vs Coastal Bend College at 2pm

Jan. 15th Red River Battle Post Grad Basketball Showcase

@ Duncanville Fieldhouse Blue Court 1

       NWA  vs  Loyalty Prep  at 12pm

       Tribulation Prep  vs  NWA at 3pm

16th @ Temple College at 5pm

20th @ Weatherford College  at  5pm

21st  @ Redlands College at  5pm

     @ Western Oklahoma State College

22nd     vs   WOSC JV at 5pm

23rd      vs   WOSC Varsity at  2pm

24th  @ Western Texas College  at 2pm

29th  @ Odessa College at 6pm

February 2021

3rd   @ Murray State College at 7pm

4th    @ Odessa College at 6.30pm

5th    @ Midland College at 7pm

6th    @ Howard College at 1pm

8th    @ Grayson College at 6pm

9th    @ East Texas Baptist  University  JV at  7.30

23rd  @ Grayson College at 6pm

25th  @ Seminole College at 6pm

March 2021

6th  @ Western Texas College at 2pm

17th  @ Weatherford College at 12pm

22th @ Texas Wesleyan University JV 6pm

24th @ Ranger College at  7pm

25th @ McLennan College  at   7pm